by Blünderkind

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Cassette available from Voice Academy Records.


released June 4, 2016

Philip: Guitars, vocals, some keys, more synth
Bryce: Guitars, vocals, cello, more keys, some synth
Drums by Bryce and Philip

Songs by Philip
Mixed by Bryce

Art by Priscilla Martinez
Photos by Emily Berger

Thanks to Priscilla, Max, Jesse, Richard, Regina, Seth, and Nate from Voice Academy



all rights reserved


Blünderkind Texas

Blünderkind Live is

Philip- guitar, vocals
Bryce-guitar, vocals

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Track Name: Tracer
You're tracing and I just need your attention.
You're tracing and I just need some affection

I just don't do it for you,
like your art that I don't get.

I'm leaving and I just need you to see me,
but you're weaving and it's clear you don't need me.

I don't know about art.
All's I know's it breaks my heart.

I'm screaming, still vying for your attention.
I'm screaming, and you say it's a distraction.

I just don't do it for you,
like your art that I don't get.
You just don't do it for me,
like my shitty "music."
Track Name: Perpetual Motion
Heartbreak is perpetual motion. It seems so obvious to me.
That's why they always say it with an I-N-G.

With that I-N-G, the pain, it doesn't stop. It comes in waves like all that bad acid you dropped. You can try let it go but they wise ones always seem to know that heartbreak is perpetual motion.

With that I-N-G, the speculation never ends. You get your scoop from not-so-mutual old friends. You can try to hide. Go on and try to hide, but you'll never get on the outside because heartbreak is perpetual motion.
Track Name: Rachel's Band
I'm just playing,
playing on Bryce's guitars.
I don't have my own yet.
My paycheck never goes that far.

I'm just playing,
playing in David's room.
My neighbors don't like the new stuff.
I guess I'll have to move out soon.

I'm just singing,
singing in Rachel's band.
I don't get the leads,
but my understated backgrounds always land.

I'm just playing,
playing in Rachel's band.
I can live without a spotlight.
They say, "It's nice to lend a hand."

I'm still living
under my mother's roof.
If you had your bets against me,
now I guess you've got your proof.

I'm stuck drinking
all of my father's beers.
I'm bumming all his cigarettes,
and living out his biggest fears.
Track Name: Cat Person
Bury my cat with me alive.
She'll scratch and claw her way,
feeding off me, just to survive and
make her big escape.

Bury my cat with me alive.
I'm sure she'll be okay.
She'll make it out the other side
of my lonely shallow grave.

And when they discover me,
years from now,
they will question what they uncover,
and they won't figure it out,
how she made it above ground,
how she made me oh so proud.
Track Name: Thunder
Hello again Stuyvesant Square.
From the front of the room,
they turn and stare.
I tip my hat to '33 Vassar

I check my coat and find a pew.
Oh look at that!
A perfect view.
Now's my chance to be an actor

I scan the group. I pick her out.
Them with there beaus
and her without.
Now I see why you were her favorite.

And in the church where we were wed,
she finally showed,
when you're lying dead.
Now I know that you two made it.

Such a shame we had no goodbye.
It's not strange that you went and died.
Put the blame on me, oh they'll try,
Just how you wanted. You wanted it.

We'll go round and round all over town,
like the wheels on the bus you through me under.
I don't mind them looking down,
but I'm not here to steal your thunder.

Harald Peterson, in the guestbook it goes.
Track Name: Nothing to You
With every little laugh and every glance,
I'm fighting back a ruse to touch your hand.
And every time you start to slink away,
I'm joking back a joke that makes you stay.

I can't help but wander all throughout my day,
thinking all the words I couldn't say.

I'm just trying, I'm just trying!
I'm trying to do nothing to you.
I'm trying to do nothing,
but it's nothing to you

I'm trying not to memorize when you're around.
I keep my head from turning back at every sound.
As the lighting changes with you through the door,
I keep my eyes fixed on a spot of concrete floor.

I can't help but wonder all throughout my night,
what I would do with you by my side.
Track Name: Strangers in Space
Your necklace sticks into my back
as I lay and stare into the black.
You sleep so sound, your hair in your face.
We're spiraling down, two strangers in space.

The end would come if you were to wake.
We'd see the mess by our sides no one can unmake.
You'd run for the hills, your heels in your hand.
I'd be left all alone, still pitching the land.

In the worst possible way I need you.
I need you to stay. Like a liar but with desire.